A smart, user-centered approach

  • We get to know our clients, identifying why they need a software solution.

  • Then we get to grips with the users we’re building the product or solution for.

  • We regularly test and refine our assumptions.

  • And work together across disciplines to build efficiently.

  • We aim for a minimal release that is useful to a specific set of users.

  • And keep iterating for the lifetime of the product or solution.


  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Native iOS & Android Development
  • HTML5 Development
  • Hybrid Development
  • M2M, IoT and other new technologies
  • Backend Development & API design
  • Integration to Legacy Systems
Once we’ve got a good handle on the problem that we’re solving with you, who we’re solving it for and what the high level solution is, we put a crack team together to deliver that solution. The team’s burn rate (cost per duration) is worked out, and this is used to ensure that the solution is scoped to the available budget.
It’s to define the problem and to prioritise the problems to solve next. You provide feedback as we build for you and steer the direction of the problem solving.
  • It minimises the financial risk in developing new, ground-breaking products and solutions.
  • It has the greatest chance of delivering a product that the actual user will find valuable.
  • It enables laser like focus on product market fit.
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