Our customers love what we do


My first deal with Polymorph took a cup of coffee, a 30 min chat and a handshake. That’s about as complicated as dealing with Polymorph ever got.

— Andrew Baker

Chief Technology Officer, Absa Group

Polymorph was a pleasure to deal with, from design to sprint management, architecture and technical build capabilities.

— Warren Squires

COO, Ecospend
Former Chief Investment Officer, Barclays Seeker Fund

You’re the first guys that we’ve worked with who delivered our scope within time and budget!

— Will van der Leij

Head of Data and Technology, Essential Med
Former Chief Information Officer, Energy Partners

Knowing we have Polymorph involved when we take on a new mobile project means we can step into the undertaking with confidence that we have the experts on board.

— Simon Armstrong

VP of Products, Entersekt
Former Chief Technology Officer, Bloodhound Technologies