Annual Introspection – Part 2

Continuing on our introspection, posted a while ago, Richard continues his overview of what being Polymorph has taught us about tech.

“We help our partners build the mobile user interfaces their products need.  We focus mostly on IoT and wearables, as well as FinTech products.  These are areas where exciting, innovative products are being developed, and where the primary user interface is on mobile.

We have built a good track record of interfacing mobile software with external hardware, as well as with complex backend systems like financial systems.  We understand how to extract and display only the most relevant data to the user, rather than bombard them with the overload of information IoT hardware and financial systems typically generate.  We get what product development is about, and allow our partners to focus on developing their core technology while we focus on the mobile part of their product.  Together we then build the beautiful product their customers deserve.

To paraphrase Steve Jobs : Beauty is not just how something looks, but how it works.”

Here’s to the next chapter!

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