Collaboration for a sustainable future: Polymorph and #cocreateSA

Excitement is building at Polymorph as we anticipate the start of #COCREATE2ACCELERATE during Open Design Cape Town in less than two weeks. Let’s get some background to get everybody on the same page!


#cocreateSA is a platform for South African and Dutch counterparts to exchange ideas and innovations for a sustainable future. It stimulates collaboration between South Africa and the Netherlands based on the belief that if we work together, we can make a difference and co-create solutions for local challenges.

An initiative of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in South Africa, #cocreateSA captures the true essence of modern foreign diplomacy: building relationships, putting the demand at the core of our discussions and focusing on long-term commitments and partnerships.

So who will be the Dutch entrepreneur that will be visiting to work with Polymorph?

Jabbo Smulders. Currently he is Project Manager for Sports & Charities at the Netherlands Lottery. Formerly he was a professional ice hockey player in Switzerland and also part of the Holland Heineken House team at the Olympic games in London and Sochi. Jabbo is a motivational speaker who believes that DOING is the best way of thinking.

What is the challenge Jabbo will be helping Polymorph with?

Jabbo and Polymoph will be looking at how Polymorph’s overseas marketing strategy can be improved to position Polymorph’s skills and expertise as the ideal mobile product development partner for Dutch companies developing products in the IoT sector.

Who are the four other great South African companies involved?

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