Family Fun

Fun and family – the two goes together like Polymorph and coffee.

On the 15th of November, the Polymorphers brought their families to celebrate love and life. We got together at Graceland Venues. Situated in the beautiful Paarl, we enjoyed the scenery as we chatted and laughed the day away.

Although Mother Nature decided it should be a cool, partly cloudy day, some of the people was brave enough to enjoy the waterslides and swimming pool.  The rest of us, who didn’t have the courage to take a dip, socialised on the lawn, while enjoying some snacks and coffee.

We had a lot of fun, and the children enjoyed playing on the jungle gym and spending time at the petting zoo. This day just again made us realise that family is not an important thing. It’s EVERYTHING.
May we never forget that.

Thanks to everybody who made this day spectacular. It’s with a smile on my face that I will say: Time spent with the Polymorph Family, is time well spent!



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