Fleet of One has launched!

Fleet of One is a new game from the South African studio, Polymorph. It’s an original space blaster designed for touch screen interaction that celebrates the glory of classic arcade shooters.This game sees you speeding through the farthest reaches of Outer Space, blasting and shielding, tapping and swiping, and collecting all the energy you can to power up and take down the invading Vellanoid Armada!In Fleet of One your ship fills the width of the screen, with five massive blasters to face down the Vellanoids. Controls are simple – tap to fire at enemies, swipe to shield against incoming bullets, but don’t destroy the energy pods that enemies drop.As you gain energy, you gain power, but you also gain speed. Are your reflexes up to the challenge?Fleet of One is now available for iOS and will soon be released for Android.

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