Gesture controlled Tetris for Android: A Makerday project

I was looking for a Makerday project that would be both easy enough to be completed to a reasonable level in two days, as well as something that I would find interesting. I have always had a bit of a fascination with Tetris – my first attempt at coding it had been in Delphi a number of years ago.

For my Android version I used bright colors – the exact colours borrowed from the Google Material Design palette – as I hoped this would make for an uplifiting visual experience. I planned on using some of the side buttons of the cellphone as controls for the application.  After I had some problems with this, however, one of our designers (Paul) suggested that I rather use gesture controls. Finally, I settled for side-swiping gestures for linear motion and double tap for rotations (again with some input from Paul).

I thoroughly enjoyed creating my version of Gesture Tetris for Android!

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