Introducing #morphbites

Over the last year or so we have created a new discussion event at Polymorph called #morphbites.

The idea is to share short sound bites about all the interesting happenings in the dev, design and process world that we function in. Individuals grab one of our Slack channels and give a 5 minute run down of 2 or more highlights from that channel. We find these rapid info-sharing sessions a great way to get our regular Team Day started and hopefully it can be helpful to our fellow technologists, designers and agile people out there. Below is a short summary of the channels covered and links to the highlights shared during the month of June, soon to be followed up by our July #morphbites.


Dedicated to everything surrounding Agile methodologies and principles

  • My dream product manager, who’s just happen to be a bit like my mom
  • How to Handle Bugs within Agile Methodologies


What’s new and interesting in the Android development world


Hybrid and full stack development, what’s happening


Everything from the iOS and iDevice world


We love developing software for wearables, we love working in the IoT space, and we love playing with IoT and wearables


All about design, with a touch of user experience, and a cross over into development


We love the autonomy that comes with a remote-first culture.  We also love getting different perspectives on the matter, and improving how we work remotely.

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