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Why IoT?

Connecting Products is about creating value

Improve customer experience

Increase cost efficiency

Create new revenue

Improve product performance

Polymorph’s Managed IoT Solution

Creating your own IoT technology stack, from Connectivity to Cloud Services, can be a very complex and expensive exercise. Polymorph uses a scalable, secure and proven platform to develop IoT products, greatly reducing the custom development required. So rather than doing everything yourself, let us save you time and money. We will supply the IoT stack while leveraging our IP to build your product at a lower cost and reduced risk.

Advantages of Polymorph’s IoT Solution

Instead of owning your own stack here are some advantages of partnering with Polymorph. We have a trusted track record with platform built on a solid AWS platform, backed by Telenor Connexion who has experience in delivering connected solutions on a global scale.

  • Own your IP, Rent the stack: Much lower dev cost, only pay when you get value. Similar to the familiar Cloud computing model.
  • Predictable cost per device.
  • Speed to market:
    • Rapidly prototype with actionable data : 2 - 4 weeks using existing hardware to first working prototype
    • 4 - 6 months to commercial, production ready product
  • Standard APIs makes integration easy
  • Development, maintenance and operations as a service
  • One supplier for connectivity, cloud, hardware development & app development
  • Receive actionable data within days, focus on building a product with real value for your customer

Increased Customer Value


Some of our satisfied IoT clients

"Working with Polymorph was easy. I had ideas which they could translate to a sensible product launch via their multidisciplinary team. This enabled us to bring our app to the market quickly."Johann Groenewald, Tracks4Africa
"Polymorph was a pleasure to deal with, from design to sprint management, architecture and technical build capabilities."Warren Squires, Chief Investment Officer of the Barclays Seeker Fund

Polymorph Corona Virus Update:

Polymorph has for many years encouraged its work force to work remotely. During the 21-day lock down period, as far as possible, we will continue with business as usual. Please follow this link to SA’s Corona Virus portal,