IoT connectivity comparison (GSM vs LoRa vs Sigfox vs NB-Iot)

With the growing options for connectivity, JP Meijers and I took a look at the comparison between each.

The vast majority of the IoT we build for our clients relies on GSM, Bluetooth and Wifi, but the personal projects within Polymorph are focused on using technology such as LoRaWAN. Thus, we ensure we are always expanding and learning about ways to keep clients connected. The question of what connectivity to use is based completely on the use case of the IoT product you are creating and this is based on what your user needs.

To start on your journey of what connectivity you require for your IoT product, take a look at the table below.

View Detailed Comparison
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Please do take a look at my other articles on IoT and contact us if you have any questions about what connectivity you should be using. My co-author and one of our senior engineers, JP Meijers, runs The Things Network events in Stellenbosch hosted by us. I hope to see you at the next meetup.

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