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  • Virgin Active Pitch
    Every now and then we spend time coming up with a product or solution that has nothing to do with an actual client. This was the case with a new exercise course designed by Virgin Active, called The Grid. We imagined what a mobile app for the exercise course would look like and how it would work.
  • Metropolitan Funeral Calculator
    The Metropolitan Funeral Calculator is an illustrative web application. It allows users to explore their funeral needs, the costs involved, and how insurance can benefit them. Users get a cost estimate and the opportunity to request direct contact with a Metropolitan consultant.
  • Reality Gate
    The ideal user experience at Reality Gate is a fluent, cooperative, efficient and continuously reversible exchange between the human and the system, giving effect to user intention. Polymorph has been involved in creating the interface needed to support that experience.
  • Barclays
    We have been involved in developing a number of products with Barclays, in collaboration with other third parties like Fjord and Deloitte Digital. We focus on offering the best security for Barclays clients who use the products we developed.
  • Tracks4Africa
    Tracks4Africa, an offline app, is the most detailed travel guide for overland travel in Africa. It offers a huge amount of detailed places of interest for planning your next safari. Polymorph developed this app in partnership with the Tracks4Africa Company.
  • AlpacaTrack Pitch
    Polymorph teamed up with partners in Holland to help Alpaca farmers keep track of their animals. The pitch was designed to showcase the geofencing and tracking capabilities of the proposed app.
  • Metropolitan Remuneration Calculator
    The Metropolitan Remuneration Calculator is a web app that allows their employees to plan their career path based on their desired income. Employees can play around with the various targets they need to reach to customize their income goal.
  • Ayah Sense
    Ayah was a proof of concept built for Meg Faure, founder of the Baby Sense Company. The POC explored the possibilities of baby monitoring - including feeding times and sleeping patterns.
  • Capitec
    Polymorph developed the initial version of the Capitec Mobile Banking Apps released to the market. This involved the initial architecture and aspects of security and functionality of the app for all platforms.
  • Names & Faces
    Initially this project was focussed on developing an app for use in schools to help learners get to know the names and faces of the people around them and get in touch. The result was so successful that the project pivoted to deliver this service to any organisation, empowering users with access to photos and relevant information about the people they engage with day to day.
  • Random House Struik
    We developed the Newman's Birds app - a field guide for birders with a wealth of information and multimedia content.
  • Shoprite
    We developed an app that assisted in-store promoters signing up Shoprite and Checkers customers.
  • Hungry Lion
    We developed an app on several platforms for the Hungry Lion Loyalty programme. It allows users to earn and redeem awards in the form of coupons at select Hungry Lion stores.
  • Bloodhound apps
    Bloodhound is an expert provider of real-time personnel and productivity management technology. Their products utilise a variety of IoT hardware to provide live tracking of personnel while simultaneously providing information and tools to staff. Click here to read the full case study.
  • Energy Partners
    Energy Partners launched an innovative Home Energy solution. Polymorph developed a companion app as part of this cutting edge Home Energy System, to give users feedback and empower them to maximise what their system could do for them. Click here to read the full case study.
  • Life Q
    The Life Q app, developed for HealthQ Technologies, translates your body’s biometric readings into readable information using the LifeQ Lens. The app uses bio-mathematical models to improve your health and fitness. Polymorph developed both the iOS and Android apps.
  • Linebooker
    Linebooker was the first product that Polymorph developed based on our Leased Product model. The current Linebooker system facilitates bidding on loads between clients and transporters. Polymorph developed a system that facilitates communication between clients and transporters - load progress tracking and Proof of Delivery management being the two main features of the app.
  • Polymorph and Bloodhound partnership opens new opportunities
    Bloodhound is an expert provider of real-time personnel and productivity management technology. In 2014, Polymorph became their development partner due to their knowledge and significant experience in indoor tracking using BTLE Bluetooth beacons. This has become one of the key differentiators between Bloodhound and their competitors. Click here to read the full case study.
  • Polymorph joins forces with Energy Partners to expand their business and develop a system for utility management
    Polymorph joins forces with Energy Partners, leading energy utility provider in South Africa and Africa, to create a reliable data management platform that collects and manages data from IOT devices across the Energy Partners network.
  • Polymorph assists international manufacturers with predictive maintenance using advanced IOT and machine learning
    Operational downtime is one of the biggest risks that large manufacturing companies are exposed to. The business cost of a critical machine failure and downtime can cost millions.