Developing a mobile app for a home energy system

Energy Partners builds and operates core energy utilities such as solar, refrigeration and steam that cater for commercial and industrial markets.


Energy Partners



Energy & Utilities

The situation

Polymorph developed a companion app as part of Energy Partner’s cutting edge Home Energy System. Users are able to maximise what their system can do for them.

The hardware consisted of a combination of a battery backup system, an inverter, and solar panels for energy generation – giving users the option of having either the backup, the solar generation or both. Energy Partners wanted to develop an app that would be useful to their customers, instead of just throwing all of the available data at them.


The solution

We set about working toward a minimal viable product. In this case an MVP needed to be slick and user friendly. We were fortunate in that Energy Partners had been testing hardware installations with a select group of early adopters. This meant that we had a perfect group of users to interview who had experience with hardware installations in their homes. User interviews were followed by several iterations of UX design to come up with a proposal.

Simultaneously, and in collaboration with our design team, our development team investigated a technical solution for integrating with Energy Partners’ system. Once we had a proposal for delivering content that users wanted and a well researched technical solution we tested our assumptions with users again.

“You’re the first guys that we’ve worked with who delivered our scope within time and budget!” Will van der Leij, CTO, Energy Partners

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