Developing a mobile app for parents’ peace of mind

Snuza specialises in the development and manufacture of bio-sensory electronic devices that enable today’s parents to care for their children more effectively.





Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

The situation

The Snuza ecosystem was designed around parents needing to sign up through a web portal to get access to fine-grained data from a device, called the Pico, worn by their child.

Snuza wanted a reliable mobile app to provide parents with relevant data fed from the wearable device. The solution needed to scale well for any number of children, and for new additional data streams that might be added in the future.


The solution

We connected the sensor to a smartphone app that visualises the data and allows parents to monitor the health of their child without having to be in the room with them. It also sends alerts to the parent when any of the measured parameters indicate that they might need to tend to their child.

From the data gathered, we were able to build a machine learning model that could predict when the child will wake up, and inform the parent up to 15 minutes ahead of time.


The results

We helped our client to bring their first connected smart sensor into the market, creating a new stream of product sales for their business.

“Polymorph rose to this complex challenge, pushing forward through each new problem that the process uncovered and came up with a fantastic, useful and stable product.” – Snuza

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