Some Social Media tips and a tribute to Polymorph

Polymorph: One of the greatest experiences anybody can ever go through! This company is all about passion, commitment and having fun. That’s exactly the way I experienced everything during my time at Polymorph. From the awesome people I worked with to the absolutely delicious coffee I got to enjoy, there’s nothing I would change about my time spent as a Polymorpher.

Although I’m saying goodbye, I have peace in my heart knowing that I will still be involved part time. I will no longer be as involved with other activities taking place at Polymorph, as my focus will now entirely shift to their Social Media department.

Thus, grant me the opportunity to share some things I learned, in regards to Social Media, with you.

The first thing that comes to mind is definitely the fact that hash tags and links really encourage interaction and engagement. This rule counts for Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. I found that when I post some content with relative links and hash tags, followers are more likely to respond. Another lesson I learned is that you can attract more followers and gain more likes with personal posts. Post about your company, employees and personal experiences you have with the products your company provides.

Never be too formal, as this can make you sound like a robot. People want to interact with your brand the same way they want to interact with a person. Mentioning people on Social platforms also helps you create a positive vibe amongst fans. They will see that you show interest in them. Like they say: Business is built on relationships.

Always keep up to date with what’s trending in your company’s field of expertise. Find trending articles and follow blogs that writes about the things your followers are most likely to be interested in.

Retweet! Retweet! Retweet!

Remember that your brand needs a personality of its own. Don’t sound to corporate but beware that you don’t become too informal. Find the level of formality you and your followers are comfortable with.

Always use fun captions, questions and statements. People love things that make them wonder, laugh or will help lift their mood. Content with positive info are more likely to get shared.

There is no definite key to success when it comes to Social Media. The only thing that will help your brand reach its full potential is experimenting. Experiment with different types of articles and status updates until you find the recipe that works for your brand.

So, with this I say goodbye, but most definitely not farewell. I will be starting my journey as a social media consultant. I’ll treasure every second I spent as a Polymorph employee the rest of my life. It’s with nobility I can smile and say: Yes, I’ve been part of that team.

I will leave you with this inspiring Chinese proverb:

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

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